What is postnatal depression?

Many women experience feelings of depression and/or anxiety after giving birth. This can be due to hormonal changes, lack of sleep, changes in routine, and trying to adapt to new roles in their life. Financial issues, parenting demands, and relationship stress, are also factors that often come into play following the birth of a baby.

For most, these symptoms reduce and eventually pass over time – as things settle and the new ‘normal’ is established. However, some women continue to feel these and other symptoms.

There are support options to help you manage and treat these symptoms. You are not alone. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or anything making you feel concerned about your mental health, please seek assistance.

What are the signs of postnatal depression?

  • Continuous low mood Loss of interest in activities
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Feelings of being unable to look after your baby
  • Feeling indifference towards your baby
  • Feeling like you are not attaching or connecting with your baby
  • Guilty feelings and self-blame
  • Thoughts of harming yourself and/or your baby

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