Adolescents and mental health

Adolescents are prone to mental health issues that can have a significant impact on their function, as well as their interaction with family. Parents may feel helpless, consumed with worry, and exhausted by the effects of their children’s behaviour. On the other hand, the adolescent dealing with a mental health issue can be overwhelmed, confused and at times, uncertain.

Adolescents often go through depression, anxiety, substance use, eating disorders, self-harming behaviours, adjustment issues, and other destructive actions. This can often create a cycle of harm, anger, and frustration.

Adolescents may also find themselves experiencing low body image, bullying, and struggle with the management and expression of emotions. Speaking to someone as a young person can feel challenging. Who do you know that you trust or think will give constructive guidance?


Questions for adolescents to ask themselves:

  • Has there been increased distance from the family?
  • Has your circle of friends changed?
  • Are you feeling a lack of motivation?
  • Do you often experience low mood or high irritability?
  • Have you been using any substances, including alcohol?
  • Are you missing school?
  • Have you stopped taking care of how you look and your hygiene?
  • Do you feel a lack of confidence in yourself?
  • Have you been manipulative or been lying?
  • Are you able to talk to someone about issues you experience?

If you feel that you fee you are struggling with issues, or you are a parent are concerned about your child, we are able to assist. Many of our therapists work specifically with adolescents and are well placed to assist.

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