What is COPE?

Established in 2010, The Centre of Psychotherapy Excellence (COPE), is a multi-disciplinary treatment programme that lies at the heart of our mental health facilities and specialises in mental health care services. Each COPE team has a slightly different composition to suit the needs of the clinic where they are working, and the patient population that they serve.

The teams comprise of a mix of psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, addiction counsellors, and any other specialists such as dieticians or biokineticists that may be required in the treatment process.


Our purpose at COPE is to walk with our patients on a journey towards self-awareness and a working understanding of mental health. At each of our COPE facility, and within each unit, the COPE programmes have a slightly different focus, tailor-made to meet the needs of these individual clients.

However, all COPE programmes include individual, family, and group psychotherapy, as well as occupational therapy, psycho-educational groups, exercise, relaxation, music/art, and support groups. Group work is central to the facility’s COPE programme. Groups are offered throughout the day, and clients are encouraged to attend several groups daily.