Meet Team Randburg

Ismat Tarr-Hamid

Clinical Psychologist

BA (UFS), BA Psych (Hons) (UFS), M.A Psych (Clinical) (NWU)

Substance use and addiction, integrative approach, adults and couples.

Lauren Leyman

Occupational Therapist

BSc. OT (UCT) Ayres Sensory Integration (SAISI)

General mental health, dual diagnosis

Monique Prior

Occupational Therapist


All ages and diagnoses – specifically bipolar and schizophrenia, young adults and teens.

Peta-lyn Foot

Occupational Therapist


Addictions, eating disorders

Meagan Wijnberg

Occupational Therapist

BScOT (WITS) Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI)

Sensory integration, adolescent mental health

Ashleigh Forman

Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (Hons) (UCT)

Mental Health awareness, dual diagnosis

Yushmika Chotoo

Occupational Therapist

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) (SU)

Mental Health care and wellbeing

Thabang Tladi

Occupational Therapy Assistant

General psychiatry, adolescents