Minimising stress reactions during Covid-19 pandemic

17 December 2020

Feeling stressed at work or at home (or both) during this time is a normal reaction to an uncertain situation. However, feeling some stress does not mean it always needs to feel overwhelming.

Here are some things you can do to minimise stress reactions during COVID-19:

  • Become familiar with the symptoms associated with psychological distress so you can seek help where needed. These could be symptoms such as:
    • Fatigue
    • Illnesses such headaches, cold sores, sudden pain, etc.
    • Feelings of guilt
    • Wanting to withdraw and isolate
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Changes in appetite
  • Stay in contact with those that are important to you
  • Take time where possible to engage in other things you enjoy doing when not working
  • Minimise unnecessary media exposure to COVID-19 reporting
  • Find and use helpful coping strategies such as:
    • Ensuring sufficient rest
    • Eating well
    • Engaging in physical activities
  • Be aware of reputable resources that you can refer to for accurate factual information about the pandemic (;;
  • Reach out for assistance using digital support options where possible, to avoid being in crowded public spaces unnecessarily

Other helpful things to do include deep breathing exercises, and other self-care activities.

It could also be helpful to learn more about depression, and burnout. We are able to help you with these issues.