Virtual Group Session

Virtual Group Session


Mindfulness is a DBT based meditation technique and can incorporate many different activities from breathing, body checks, and even mindful eating. Learning the mindfulness skills allows you to do any activity mindfully. Mindfulness creates a space of awareness and calmness. This allows for better communication with others, higher sensitivity to others’ experience, and clear analysis of complex situation and effective emotional regulation.

Managing stress and burnout

Stress management includes the ability to recognise being in a state of stress or distress and then putting into practice simple skills to minimise your response to the stress trigger.

Balanced lifestyle and self-care

Balanced lifestyle teaches us the skills to put boundaries on how we engage in tasks. This creates work-life balance, ensuring we have enough time to be productive, enough time to rest, enough time to take care of ourselves, and enough time to connect with others. Work-life balance is another way that we look after both our mental and physical health.

Healthy relationships

The ability to engage in relationships is integral to work and home life and often creates meaning for us. Effective relationships includes the ability to listen and validate others, conflict management, and how to set boundaries in an assertive manner that are constructive.