Are you nourishing your body?

17 December 2020

To say that we are currently living in a difficult time is a bit of an understatement. All of us are experiencing a range of emotions and thoughts which is taking its toll on our physical health and wellbeing. A lot of us tend to go through life living on auto-pilot. Giving our all to work, family, children and partners but we often don’t tend to stop for a moment and think about what WE really need. We tend to go through our lives, from day to day running on empty until the point when there are only reserves left. Once we realise that we are at this point, it is sometimes too late; there is nothing left in the tank. As a result, we burn out.

One of the amazing benefits of practicing mindfulness is that it allows us to broaden our awareness without judgment and really take time out for ourselves and listen to our body.

It can allow us to realise and acknowledge if we are giving it what it really needs. Remember not to judge yourself harshly if you haven’t been able to give yourself the nourishment you need. It’s all about the small steps which you take to look after yourself. Self-love and acceptance is of utmost importance during this time.

What can you do to nourish your body?

Take some time out this week, sit quietly for 2 minutes and ask your gut what it has been missing lately. Has it been nights of takeaway pizza, 2 minute noodles and microwave mac ‘n cheese?

Until we engage in the art of mindfulness and enquiry into what our body is telling us, we cannot make the changes that are necessary to ensure a healthy emotional buffer which protects us when stress levels are high.

Feeling quite sluggish? Perhaps you need to add some more protein and B vitamins to your diet.

Tip: Add those scrambled eggs to your morning nourishment and that side of broccoli and spinach to your dinner.

To facilitate optimal brain function and healthy skin ensure you are including those omegas.

Tip: Bake that fish and enjoy with oven baked sweet potato fries and homemade tomato sauce.

Take some time to really think about what vitamins and mineral you are currently needing and make an effort to include them into your weekly meal plan and grocery list. Your skin, your tummy, your sleep and your mental health will really thank you for it, because as they say, your gut is your second brain.

If you are concerned about your nutritional needs or health issues, please consult a GP or consider seeing a nutritionist/dietician.

Written by:

Megan Greeff, Occupational Therapist, Akeso Kenilworth