9 October 2020

When being admitted to a mental health facility is the best option for you to get care, it can be a very overwhelming experience. You may have many questions about what to expect, what to take with you, what will happen, and what people might say. In addition to this, you have all the things you’ve seen in the movies or read about what a “psychiatric hospital” is like – strait jackets and screaming and padded rooms are some of the more common examples.

It is not like that when you are admitted to a mental health facility like Akeso (where our COPE therapists practice from). It can, in fact, teach you many lessons in addition to the core of the mental health care treatment you get.

Amy was admitted into an Akeso mental health facility for a period of 10 days and wrote a blog about her experience. These are the top 10 things she learned while there:

  1. It’s not how it looks in the movies and is instead a safe place filled with smiles, camaraderie, and kindness
  2. People aren’t so scary when you all have something in common
  3. Therapy comes in many flavours and can be combined to make something really special
  4. Meditation is magic and can bring a real sense of calm
  5. Feel all the feels and you can rise above them
  6. You can forgive your younger self and live your life with acceptance, honesty and kindness
  7. Its ok to be selfish and prioritize your mental health
  8. You can be comfortable in silence
  9. Radical acceptance can blow your mind
  10. The solution to world peace may just be vulnerability, empathy, and taking it one day at a time

Read Amy’s full post on her blog, Opinionated Women